Session 23 – Genetics in the news

Chairman Philipe Pajot, science journalist from French Association of Science Journalists

Outlined the topics of this session, which were the similarities and differences in which genetics is reported mainly in French speaking newspapers, and then introduced the speakers. 

Francois Heindryckx, who had written many books on media in Europe, explained that he usually attends conferences where the peers are to present his research. Researcher in general has to defend himself because colleagues attack him and his methods or the things that he forgotten or the theoretic framework he got wrong. This is different now – he is talking to journalists about study made about journalists. This study was made in collaboration with the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where colleagues were given grant from Genome BC to find out how journalists cover genetic research and genomics. Schools in Quebec and Lille in France also investigated and research was transposed to Belgium as well.

The study turns to be threefold:

   1. Content analysis how the research is reported on four markets
   2. Interviews with science journalists in general
   3. Interviews with scientists themselves (now in process)