WCSJ 2009 Session Reviews

Investigative science reporting

Does investigative science reporting exist? An emphatic “yes” was the answer from a WCSJ panel of experts, who provided numerous tips on how to carry out investigations in today’s turbulent media environment.

Recipe for a Disaster

The recipe for feeding and supporting the world’s growing population will require using all the ingredients available in the scientific pantry, a group of agricultural experts contended at a WCSJ 2009 panel.


2009-07-02 06:00

It's just what I always suspected – science journalists are really would-be science fiction writers in disguise, desperate to release their inner nerd on the world of creative writing. Perhaps I’m generalising, but if the turnout for the parallel session on science fiction is anything to go by then the links between the two disciplines are alive and well.

It was standing room only as Oliver Morton – Nature’s chief news and features editor and a wearer of fine sideburns – introduced his panel, including science fiction writers Paul McAuley and Geoff Ryman.

Reporting About Climate Change

When it comes to climate change journalism, keeping both sides in proper balance is difficult--but never impossible. That was a key outcome of the workshop ‘Reporting on Climate Change’, held on Monday 29 June at the Geographical Society in London as part of the 6th World Conference of Science Journalists.