In 2009, global climate change heats up on the international stage. The United Nations will attempt to hammer out a new international treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions, culminating in the Copenhagen meeting in December. The world will be watching for a strong signal from the new American President and Congress that the United States is ready to move forward after eight years of inaction by the Bush Administration. At the same time, the issue of climate change has enormous competition from other global issues, from an economic meltdown to food shortages. How well are the media in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world doing in covering the science and policy choices? Or are journalists just falling into old patterns by emphasizing the drama and covering climate change like a political horse race?

Place & time

Venue: Central Hall, Westminster
Venue detail: Great Hall

Date & Time: Thursday, July 2, 2009 14:30 - 16:00


Producer: Cristine Russell

Chair: Cristine Russell

Speaker: Andrew C Revkin,  Maxwell Boykoff,  Richard Black