Writing Books

Who doesn’t want to see a spine on a bookshop shelf with their own name on it? But how hard is it to find a subject, write a proposal, choose an agent and land a book deal? And once you’ve banked your advance, how do you stay focused on that mother-of-all-deadlines which may be years away? How much research do you need to do? How do you stay motivated? Come and meet experienced authors, agents and editors.


Daniel Clery, science journalist and author


Jo Marchant, award winning science journalist and author
Philip Ball, freelance science writer and winner of the Aventis Prize for Science Books
Karolina Sutton, literary agent, Curtis Brown.
Will Hammond, Editorial Director, The Bodley Head.

Session Audio

Download the recording here.

Session Review

Menorca Chaturvedi reviews the session and asks whether there are any opportunities in books on science.