Plenary: Reproducibility in Science

Science journalism is meant to cast a critical eye upon science, but science is now casting an increasingly critical eye upon itself. Retractions are on the rise, post-publication peer review dismantles high-profile papers within weeks of airing, and several studies in psychology and medicine have uncovered a startling prevalence of irreproducible results and hidden data. This panel explored the growing movement to improve the practice of science, and how it affects science journalism. 


James Randerson, Assistant News Editor, The Guardian


Ivan Oransky, vice president and global editorial director of MedPage Today.  Writer of the blogs Embargo Watch and Retraction Watch

Ben Goldacre, physician, academic and science writer

Chris Chambers, senior research fellow in cognitive neuroscience at the school of psychology, Cardiff University. Science writer.

Deborah Cohen, Investigations Editor, BMJ.

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Matthew Gwynfryn Thomas and Menorca Chaturvedi review the session.

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