New ways of commissioning and funding quality science journalism online

In the last two years a diverse collection of online platforms have appeared that publish in-depth quality science, environment and health journalism. They also provide professional writers decent rates of pay. These offer opportunities to writers but they are also changing the media landscape and influencing mainstream publishers. More fundamentally, by involving web users in commissioning stories and funding projects directly they are also changing the relationship between readers and the content they consume online. 

Producer and Chair:

James Randerson, Assistant news editor, The Guardian 


Sarah Hartley, editor and founder of
Sebastian Esser, founder of
Giles Newton, editor of Mosaic
Jim Giles, co-founder of Matter
This session was independently programmed by the producer James Randerson, and is supported by Mosaic 
Mosaic Science

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Session Review

James Riley asks whether new forms of commissioning and funding science journalism can survive.