Live Blog: The BBC Trust Review one year on

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Balance, The BBC and its science coverage are up for debate and the live blog is covering it. Coming up, David Shukman, Steve Jones, Felicity Mellor, and Mary Hockaday debate the BBC Trust’s call for more balance in the BBC’s science coverage.

One year on, has anything changed?

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Live Blog: Off Beat Science Stories

Sign Reading: Danger Construction Zone AheadIs it possible to go beyond the lab and results and report the wider context of science? Up for debate: science, politics, business and history and the live blog is covering it.

Science journalists have been accused of suffering from Big Paper of the Week Syndrome, and even when our stories aren’t based on papers, they’re more often than not founded on the findings of research. In this session, we’ll explore how best to look beyond the lab to report the wider context in which science takes place – its politics, its links with business, and its history.

Mark Henderson, former Science Editor of The Times and author of The Geek Manifesto, will discuss reporting on the politics of science, sharing tips on finding stories and spotting trends. Andrew Jack, the Pharmaceuticals Correspondent of the FT, will discuss covering the interface between science and business. And, Lisa Jardine, Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary, University of London, will talk about stories that emerge from the history of science, with particular reference to the rediscovery in 2006 of a lost manuscript from the papers of Robert Hooke – a story that many science reporters missed.

Speakers: Andrew Jack, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent, Financial Times. Lisa Jardine, Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Mark Henderson, Head of Communications, The Wellcome Trust, former Science Editor, The Times.

Chair: James Randerson, Environment and Science News Editor, The Guardian.

Producers: Mark Henderson, Head of Communications, The Wellcome Trust, former Science Editor, The Times and Alice Lighton, Masters Student in Science Journalism, City University.

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Live Blog: Computer assisted reporting and data visualisation

Man behind a laptopWe’ll look at some of the tools available for data journalism, and how they can be applied to reporting on science, and helping to tell your stories. We’ll also explore how to avoid potential pitfalls, from “dirty” data to inappropriate statistical analyses.

Bottom line: science provides fertile ground for data journalism that we should be well placed to cultivate. Many of the tools are free and easy to use, as we’ll see with some live demos.

Producer/Speaker/Trainer: Peter Aldhous, San Francisco Bureau Chief, New Scientist.

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Live Blog: Blurring the Lines – the future of PR and journalism?

MicrophonesWith many press officers now creating their own content and calling themselves news editors, the lines are blurring between PR and journalism.  But is this changing PR a help or a threat? Recent figures suggest press officers outnumber journalists by about six-to-one, so will this trend for news output direct from press officers ever pose a threat to the mass media audience for science? If science press officers take the place of science journalists, will this create a nirvana of balanced accurate science reporting or a dystopia of uncritical PR?

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