01. Reporting about climate change

Host or sponsor: Session supported by UNESCO-HQ Paris and UK Commission for UNESCO

Good climate change reporting means understanding the science of climate, the merits of proposed solutions, and the political and social context of the problem.

This workshop will cover all three areas with a focus on the needs of journalists in developing nations.

Topics range from the impacts of climate change to whether geo-engineering approaches such as ocean iron fertilisation can mitigate them.

Expert speakers will also touch on adaptation to climate change, the IPCC and how it operates, forests as carbon stores, the Stern Review, and parallels between the credit crunch and the climate crunch.

Participants will have ample opportunity to share their climate change puzzles (and solutions) with experts and with other delegates.

Venue: Royal Geographical Society

Date & Time: Monday, June 29, 2009 - 09:00 - 18:00


Producer: James Fahn, Mike Shanahan

Speaker: Bob Ward, Chris Rapley, Gustavo Faleiros, James Fahn, Jenni Metcalfe, Liz Kalaugher, Luisa Massarani, Saleemul Huq