Speakers 2010

Myles Allen (University of Oxford)

Tom Clarke (C4 News)

Oliver Morton (The Economist)

James Randerson (The Guardian)

Professor Robert Watson (Chief Scientific Advisor, DEFRA)

Gabrielle Walker (writer, broadcaster)

George Brock (City University)

Martin Robbins (The Lay Scientist) 

Joanna Geary (Web Development Editor, The Times)

Jeremy Webb (Editor-in-Chief, New Scientist)

Mark Henderson (Science Editor, The Times)

Daniel Macarthur (Blogger and Researcher, Wellcome Trust Sanger Centre)

Dr Christine Patch (Chair, British Society for Human Genetics)

Dr James Brenton (Cancer Research UK)

Alison Hall (Project Manager, Law and Policy, PHG Foundation)

Robin McKie (Observer)

Kim Shillinglaw (BBC)

Graham Lawton (New Scientist)

Mark Peplow (Nature)

David Rowan (Wired UK)

John Travis (Science-International)

Jacqui Thornton (freelance journalist)

Andy Bull (author of Multimedia Journalism)

Richard Hollingham (freelance science journalist and radio presenter)

Lisa Sargood (Multiplatform Commissioning Executive, BBC Vision)

Stuart Arnott (Director, Spark)

Connie St.Louis (City University)

Graham Lawton (Features Editor, New Scientist)

James Meek (British Writer and Journalist)

Alok Jha (Guardian)

Nigel Hawkes (Straight Statistics)

Peter Aldhous (New Scientist)

Philip Campbell (Nature)

Brian Deer (freelance investigative reporter)

Fiona Godlee (Editor, BMJ)

Tracey Brown (Director, Sense About Science)

Martin Bauer (LSE)

Andy Williams (Cardiff University)

Ed Yong (Not Exactly Rocket Science)

Fiona Fox (Science Media Centre)

Pallab Ghosh (BBC)