Feedback and Reviews

More feedback and reviews of the 2012 (2nd) UK Conference of Science Journalists.


Fiona Fox from the Science Media Centre, blows open the science journalism debate on 'explainers' vs 'exposers' and the 'boat-rockers' vs the 'cheerleaders of science'. These debates appeared at the UKCSJ sessions Science in the Newsroom (meet the editors), Scientific Misconduct and the plenary session Is Science Journalism special? (13/07/2012)

Meanwhile, Dr Chris Chambers (and here) and Dr Petroc Sumner, both from the School of Psychology at Cardiff University, review the UKCSJ for the Guardian. From their perspective as scientists, they ask whether science journalists should be explainers or exposers or both (off the back of the plenary session) and then dive into press regulation and accuracy of reporting. (11/07/2012)    

Nicky Guttridge in her review for I, Science Magazine at Imperial College, starts by quoting Jay Rosen in his keynote speech for the UKCSJ: “I think every writer, every journalist, every scholar, should tell you where he’s coming from before he tells you what he knows.”

Nicky reviews a number of sessions: Offbeat Science Stories, Narrative in Science Writing, and scientific misconduct sessions. 

The day featured very intelligent, broad, enjoyable and thought-provoking discussion. Predictably, there was a lot of tweeting... #ukcsj - Nicky Guttridge

Feedback on Twitter

Chris Chambers (@chrisdc77)

Enjoyed catching up with @alokjha @drhlj @edyong & @james_randerson at #ukcsj. Excellent conference; very informative for scientists.

Neil Withers (@NeilWithers)

So the important things I learnt at #ukcsj y'day: @edyong209 is bigger'n he looks on Twitter, while @annalewcock is smaller. Crazy world eh?

Sue Nelson (@ScienceNelson)

After being surrounded by science journalists and communicators yesterday at #ukcsj it all feels rather sad at a computer. On my own. Sniff.

Rebecca Nesbit (@RebeccaNesbit)

Had an interesting day at #UKCSJ & #UKscitweetup yesterday - thanks to all organiers incl @connie_stlouis

Lucy Harper (@lucyharper)

Had a great day at #UKCSJ yesterday - a brilliant and thought-provoking day. Thank you @connie_stlouis and Sallie Robins for organising :-)

David Bradley (@sciencebase)

Thanks to #ukcsj Fun and fascinating day @RoyalSociety @absw etc HT Sallie Robins

Gozde Zorlu (@GozdeZorlu)

I had a fantastic day at #ukcsj and fun evening at @absw awards. Brimming with new ideas & fresh perspectives

Frank Swain (@SciencePunk)

Main lesson from #ukcsj: whichever session you go to, a speaker will praise @edyong209. He's the free square on the sci-comm bingo card.

Alexandra Witze (@alexwitze)

From across the pond, the best thing about #UKCSJ followed by @ABSW awards is the progression of ever-more-tipsy tweets from UK writers.

William Brandler (@wbrandler)

Had a great day at #UKCSJ, thanks to @absw for funding my attendance!

Emma Byrne (@SciWriBy)

The #ukcsj was just what I needed - informative, great for making contacts, and very inspiring. Thanks to everyone I met/heard speak.

David Derbyshire (@dderbyshire)

And extraordinary to see #ukcsj trending. If that's the word.

Sophie Scott (@sophiescott)

Very much enjoyed #ukcsj today, great to meet @edyong209 & @hapsci, and to rediscover @vaughanbell.

Helen Pearson (@hcpearson)

#ukcsj very good and we can go on our way pursuing happy mix of explanation +investigation.Now, biscuits and booze.

Mark Henderson (@markgfh)

Very very good day at #UKCSJ. Lots to think on. Thanks @connie_stlouis& Sallie Robins for organising so well.

Lou Woodley (@LouWoodley)

Big thank you to Sallie Robbins for all the work she's put into organising a stimulating #ukcsj

Jonathan Lawson (@clearsci)

#UKCSJ top of the trending. FTW!! Well done everyone.

Jonathan Lawson (@clearsci)

Sallie Robbins should definitely get to organise many more conferences. *several ideas* #ukcsj

Kath Nightingale (@kathnightingale)

My #UKCSJ take home messages: write with savage clarity and don't mention beards.