UK Conference of Science Journalists (UKCSJ)

A biennial conference organised by the ABSW

The UKCSJ - a full day of discussion and debate with three key aims:

  • To discuss and debate contemporary issues in science journalism
  • To encourage and provide skills for newcomers
  • To promote professional development

The first ever UKCSJ was held in 2010 and followed in the footsteps of the 2009 World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) held in London. The WCSJ saw nearly 1000 delegates from all around the world meeting to discuss issues affecting the profession of science journalism. Demand for delegate places at the London Conference was high amongst UK science journalists and revealed a real desire for a forum in which professional issues could be discussed. To meet this demand the ABSW organised the UKCSJ - a WCSJ on a smaller scale with the focus on the profession in the UK.

The UKCSJ runs on alternate years to fit with the alternate year programme of the World Conference of Science Journalists. On the years there is no UKCSJ, the ABSW organises a smaller Summer School of Science Journalism focused on building skills for newcomers and freelancers, which attracted around 80 delegates in 2015, and 150 delegates in 2017.

For 2012 and 2014 the ABSW increased capacity of the UKCSJ due to demand and the conference can now accommodate 300 delegates.

In 2016 the UKCSJ became the European Conference of Science Journalists (ECSJ), and was held at the European Science Open Forum in Manchester, in partnership with EUSJA and ESOF. The 2018 edition took place on Tuesday 16 October at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

The 2020 edition is taking place on 13 October 2020 at the Royal Society in London. Register your interest here.


There are many ways in which organisations can work with the UKCSJ to support science journalism in the UK whilst engaging the attention of the UK's science media. Please refer to our Sponsorship Opportunities and/or contact Sallie Robins, conference director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding future UKCSJs and other ABSW events.